Pocket Picks #9 – Beneath a Deep Blue Sky

It's been a while since i've written on of these, but I'm finally revisiting a show that I feel has a criminally low watch rate. As many of you who've read a lot of my stuff know, my first Anime experience, not to mention my love of Anime as a whole, was inspired by the …

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100 Days of Anime: Day 73

Day 73 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge has arrived, and our question of the day is: What is an Anime what you feel is very underrated? This is an easy one for me, just like yesterday. An anime that i've never heard anyone but myself raving about; Last Exile. Last Exile is a beautiful …

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Anime Review: Last Exile

I first watched Last exile about 10 years ago. It was the third anime I ever watched, and to this day holds a special place in my heart. I could use flowery words all day, but... let's get to the real reasons why this show rocks. This show was made in 2003, and to this …

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