Family Matters in Hinamatsuri

It's Day 5 of the 12 Days of Anime! As we start to get into the Christmas season, the holiday spirit filling the air, thoughts of friendship, service, and giving begin to warm the hearts of humankind. Christmas is a time to celebrate, a time to show your love for your fellow man, and above …

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Spring 2017 Wrap-Up: Season’s Watchlist

Well, Spring 2018 was definitely an interesting season. A lot of shows started out strong, a lot got stronger as the season went on... and quite a few fizzled out half way. I'm a bit late on this, considering that the Summer season has already begun. However, i've finally finished up the Spring season. Honestly, …

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Hinamatsuri – First Impressions

Hinamatsuri is a show that, unlike many others this season, I didn't go into completely blind. Having heard the opinions of several other anibloggers, as well as plenty of spoilers on Twitter and the like, I had a relatively good idea what I was getting myself into when I went into the first episode. However, …

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