Spring 2017 Wrap-Up: Season’s Watchlist

Well, Spring 2018 was definitely an interesting season. A lot of shows started out strong, a lot got stronger as the season went on... and quite a few fizzled out half way. I'm a bit late on this, considering that the Summer season has already begun. However, i've finally finished up the Spring season. Honestly, …

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Making Music – Hibana

Hey guys! This is a bit of an interesting post today, but recently i've been corresponding with an awesome artist from Youtube who I will refer to as Sport (their Youtube and Twitter tag is mynameissport, so I think i'm cool to call them by that name.) Anyways, they had the awesome idea of taking …

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Golden Kamuy – First Impressions

I'm a little behind on my First Impressions of this show, so much so, in fact, that i'm pretty sure most people know at least a little about the show. Mostly about the 3DCG bear that everyone's been making a fuss over. However, I decided to give the show a shot, ignoring the rumors of …

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