Generation Jumping – Pokemon (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)

Well now, this is my 4th attempt at writing this post, as WordPress decided it didn't like saving my work, for some reason. I took that as a sort of excuse to take a mini-hiatus from blogging to rest and recuperate, and now i'm back and doing great! So, without any more wait, here's my …

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Generation Jumping – Pokemon (Crystal Version)

Pokemon Crystal is the first Pokemon game I ever played, back when I was a young kid. Hoping to understand and recapture the magic that first game ignited in my soul, I recently revisited the game. Originally, I had intended to review these games in my personal play order, but after replaying crystal, I decided …

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Generation Jumping – Pokemon (Red version)

Pokemon is a beloved franchise by many, one that has been a continuous staple of the Video Game industry for over 20 years now, containing some of the most widely-known video game characters of all time. I mean, who hasn't at least heard of Pikachu before? In this new mini-series of mine, i'll be jumping …

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