In The Depths of Abyss Not Your Usual Anime Review

In the depths of Abyss made an impression so strong we can debate about it at length. Explore, guess, compare and think of new theories. Not your usual anime review! Source: In The Depths of Abyss Not Your Usual Anime Review

It Wasn’t a Dream!!

Our podcast went amazingly, and i'd like to extend a HUGE thank-you to everyone who came to watch it live, and participated in the chat during the stream. I was going to make a big write-up post with details of the stream, plus a link to the stream video itself, but Shokamoka beat me to …

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Anime can’t do Horror???

Welcome to my brand-new Anime Rant series that will be releasing every weekend from now on. The goal of this series is basically to vent about random stuff, and to gather opinions from you guys, the readers. While this series is designed to inspire conversation, please remember to be civil as we chat about stuff. …

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