Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep13: Cooling down

Totally slacking on these reblogs, but trying to catch up… check out episode 13 of Kimetsu no Yaiba as a certain person returns to the collab (finally)

Plyasm's wormhole

Sup. I’m alive, yay~

Nah, not really yay, since I’m still not going to do any extra posts(yet), but at least the collab post is still coming out.

And uh, that’s actually about all I want to say before the collab post. Hopefully I’ll actually get the time, energy and drive to finish my own posts sometime, all ye poor people waiting for me to post *good* stuff again.

Anyways, here’s the discussion around episode 13 of Kimetsu no Yaiba!

Purple: Scary cat lady[link to blog]
Red: Slightly less scary cat lady  [link to blog]
Blue: The one that won’t stop waifuing people [link to blog]
Green: A stupid that didn’t join the collab for a while due to dying

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?

I think this is the first real so-so episode I’ve…

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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 12 – Somnambulism, Motion Sickness, and Other Afflictions

I’ve been super bad at keeping up on these reblogs, huh? With lots going on, I suppose that’s kind of to be expected, though… But with some new friends in the mix, and Moya trying her hand at some bad pun jobs, what’s not to like??

The Moyatorium

Happy July 24th! You ask me what’s happening on this day? Well…nothing in particular as far as I know, but I’m sure we can find a reason to celebrate on Foodimentary – oh guess what, it’s National Tequila Day! I refuse to drink any alcohol that isn’t sweetened, and this certainly doesn’t relate to the episode in any way, but congrats if you celebrate this holiday.

  • Purple = Aria (crazy bird lady)
  • Green = Plyasm (future-seeing manga reader)
  • Blue Astral (Nezuko’s other oniisan)
  • Red = Me (hard-to-impress shounen critic)

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode? [Mandatory]

Woot! More worldbuilding, more Kasugai crow (although he scared me for a second) and more butt-kicking.

Zenitsu redeeming himself unconsciously, demon politics, and Tanjiro’s self-to-self pep talk (which I surprisingly didn’t mind).

Man, the combat in this show is always just so good. Tanjiro being a good boi aside…

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Eighty-Six – A War Without Casualties

I read a lot of light novels. I mean, a LOT. I currently have over 150 volumes of various light novel series on my kindle alone. And i'll be honest... recently, I'd gotten a bit bored. With so many out there, a lot of them kind of start to run together after some time, especially …

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A Love Letter to Kyoto Animation

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred several days past, I felt a need to express my love for Kyoto Animation, a studio that's done more for the Anime industry than perhaps any other... only to find myself struggling to write the post. Not because of lack of things to say, mind you... but …

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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 11 – The Coward and the Kids

Why hello, my beautiful people! Welcome back to the world of Kimetsu no yaiba, where us bloggers are pathetically flailing at the keyboard to try and catch up to a show that's threatening to leave us behind. I take no part in the blame for these circumstances... I do, however, feel no shame in admitting …

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Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 9 – Spheres and Vectors

via Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 9 - Spheres and Vectors

Life, am I right?

Well...  crap happens. As much as we try to plan for eventualities, or think life is going pretty smoothly... well, it all can get turned around so fast. It's actually kind of silly. So, yeah... you guys have probably all noticed my blog going on a very sudden, unannounced semi-hiatus. Sorry about that. Well, my …

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