Welcome to Babylonia!

Welcome to Day 11 of the 12 Days of Anime. And… well, it’s not TECHNICALLY an Anime, since i’ll be talking about Fate/Grand Order, but… hey, it’s close enough, right? Basically, I juts wanted to talk a little bit about the recent Babylonia singularity that released on the EN version of FGO.

The first thing I have to say is, well… Babylonia was fun. A LOT of fun. Like, I really wasn’t expecting the amount of fun I had with this singularity. A lot of that, I think, boils down to just how much stuff they’ve got packed into the story here. Like, there is so much to unravel here, it’s kind of crazy.

Four crazy Goddesses, one primordial monster, clay man, King Gilgamesh, Merlin himself, and a whole cast of kooky characters to interact with. Seriously, as far as content, I think Babylonia is the most stuffed Singularity we’ve had so far.

The story of the singularity is an absolute roller coaster. With so many characters, and such a long story, there’s a lot to learn. A lot of funny moments, a lot of serious moments, and everything in between. I tried to take screenshots at moments that stuck out to me, but… Well, I pretty much ended up with a lot of Ana, a lot of Ereshkigal, and some other stuff on the side. I’ll include a gallery at the end of this post of my favorite screenshots that I took.

Now, let’s talk story for a sec.

Babylonia is widely known as one of the best singularities as far as story is concerned, and I won’t argue with that at all. While it’s not my favorite (that honor stays with Camelot), the story was pretty darn good for what it was. I laughed a lot during this singularity; the writing was humorous and witty, and very heartfelt when it demanded it. After all, the stakes have never been higher…

Starting near the beginning of the world, in the Age of Gods, the primordial Beast, Tiamat, is working to destroy the foundation of humanity, essentially rewriting history so that civilization never existed at all. Chaldea’s goal, then, is to foil the plans of Tiamat, restore the world, and save history as we know it.

I really enjoyed the way the story progressed. King Gilgamesh, arrogant as ever, is on his home turf now. Unwilling to trust strangers with his people, we end up just running odd jobs and errands, and getting to know the citizens of Uruk along the way. The story progressed in a very natural and smooth manner, from the low points all up to the climax, the battle against Tiamat herself, in a fight that can only be described as legendary.

Well, this wasn’t meant to be a review so much as just random thoughts about Babylonia, so I shouldn’t go too deep into the story for fear of spoilers. Needless to say, however, I seriously enjoyed the singularity. It was well worth the time to sit back and watch all the cutscenes, to get those wonderful, precious character moments.

FGO is a game that really does its story and character well. While the Gacha element is kind of frustrating sometimes, the quality of the writing, especially in the last few singularities, really makes up for it.

Well, that’s about all i’ve got to say. Mostly just shower thoughts and ruminations, honestly. There’s a lot to be said for a mobile game to be delivering such an amazing, complex story, and despite the flaws in the game, I believe it’s worth playing, just for the story. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I hope you all have a very merry Christmas Eve!

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