Goblin Slayer – Episode 8

Well, i’ve been asking for it, and it finally, FINALLY came around! A real, honest-to-goodness episode of character development. Well, the three stooges got a bit shafted, but we did get one of my favorite moments from the light novels between Priestess and Goblin Slayer.

See now, this is an appropriate reaction to this kind of a situation. *Looks accusingly at, like… EVERY SINGLE OTHER ANIME EVER*

Well, I suppose that a bit of a break is pretty much what someone needs after they, ya know, LITERALLY DIE. Thankfully, high-level holy spell casters have access to a spell called Resurrection, which enables them to bring someone back from the dead. What the show didn’t explain fully, however, is that the spell must be performed by a priestess who is still a virgin. Priestess is pure, however she’s still very inexperienced. Sword Maiden CAN cast the spell, but after her abuse at the hands of goblins, is unable to cast the spell under normal conditions. Thus, she used Priestess as a medium to cast the spell, something that left the poor girl very drained due to the abnormal amount of magic used in the casting.

You know you wanted to say it too, long-ears!

Well, for those wondering why Goblin Slayer seems to know so many random things, this episode gives us a pretty clear answer to that question as well, as him and Priestess make their way around the town while their gear is getting repaired. He’s just a naturally curious person, who likes to ask questions and gather knowledge. Unfortunately… almost all of that knowledge goes into killing goblins.

At least he checked, right?

Priestess has made some great strides, though. Far from what her delicate image would imply, she’s possibly the most headstrong and confident member of their party. Her only disadvantage compared to the others is really just a lack of experience. After all, she’s only been adventuring for a number of months, while the others have years and years beneath their belts. I really like this about her, though. She’s not the typical little delicate damsel you might expect from her outward appearance, and is easily able to hold her own alongside more experienced adventurers, to the point they’re willing to trust her with their lives.

You tell him, girlie!

It’s not all sunsets and icecream, though. The adventure must continue, and as they explore deeper into the ruins beneath the water town, our heroes encounter what they classify as an “eyeball monster”… though us cultured DND players know, it’s just a Beholder.

Who ordered the roasted beholder?

I’m looking forward to what is to come (knowing the outcome since LN, but still…) but I still need to question some of the decisions they made, omitting certain scenes, and the like. But i’m still enjoying the show. Anyways, thank you all for reading! I hope you guys are enjoying this season, as it’s moving into the latter half, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it finishes strong! That’s all for this post, and i’ll see you all in the next one!

4 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer – Episode 8

  1. I’m enjoying covering this one with Arthifis because he asks sensible questions I’m overlooking because I’ve read the light novel. It makes me realise more and more that this anime really only works with knowledge of the source and while it is kind of okay without it, it has quite a number of logical gaps without the information that would make it make sense. It is a bit of a shame that the anime won’t stand on its own, but I’m still really enjoying seeing some of these scenes animated.

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    1. Yeah, I recall reading about that in you guys’ posts, and I totally agree! The anime has left a lot of tidbits out, and having read the Light Novel, things still make sense to me because I already know the context from before. But for a starting viewer, it’s definitely a pretty big loss.

      But yeah, seeing these characters animated, they’ve done a pretty good job with them from how I imagined them being from the books. I just wish they kept in more of the character developing moments.

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      1. Agreed. I’m having fun and the characters really have come to life in a way that really fits with how I saw them in the books. And I don’t actually mind adaptations that make changes because of the format or pacing or whatever. It really is just that we’re losing some of the stuff that helps these characters feel as complete as they are and instead they are coming off as a little inconsistent.

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      2. Exactly. For example, with priestess, we’ve seen a lot of character growth already in the Anime, but we haven’t seen a solid chunk of the moments that helped her get there, like we do in the light novels. She’s still an awesome character and is growing well, there’s just less context for it.

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