Goblin Slayer – Episode 4

Another great episode of Goblin Slayer hits us as Lizard Priest, Elf Archer, and Dwarf Shaman now get a taste of what adventuring with Goblin Slayer is really like. Far from the glamorous gig, or dreams of adventure they had once held in store, for sure.

High-Elf Archer is especially heartbroken, not only at the brutality of Goblin Slayer, but at the realization that goblins really are a threat, after seeing a fellow elf captured and tortured by the creatures. I really enjoy the interactions between these characters, the incessant bantering helping to break up the dark tones of the show and make things feel a little more hopeful.

Not what she wanted to hear!

Of course, the most impressive thing about the episode was the combat. Holy cow, it’s so nice to see a show with such amazing visuals for its action sequences, and very consistent quality all the way through, as well. The various skills, spells, and techniques used by the party are all pretty unique, at least from the majority of other Anime out there, which also helps keep things feeling fresh.

I do feel that there’s been a bit of a lack of the numerous character interactions that go on in the novels, but that’s pretty much inevitable when you’re dealing with an adaptation, and not enough was lost in these last few episodes to make a noticeable impact on the story, so it’s all good in my book.

Very creative use of a gate scroll, dude!

All-in-all, i’m really enjoying Goblin Slayer. It’s a fun, dark action show with some great characters, and i’m excited to see the rest of the series transformed as well. I hope everyone else is enjoying the show as well! Let me know what your favorite part of this episode was, down in the comments. Thanks for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

One thought on “Goblin Slayer – Episode 4

  1. This really was a fun episode. I said it today earlier on Karandi’s blog: this series for me comes closest to really experiencing a D&D adventure. I really liked the fight against the Ogre. It was brilliant, and a seriously cool action sequence 😊

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