Goblin Slayer – Episode 2

And here we are, the final show i’ll be doing episodic reviewing of this season. I’m trying to keep my plate pretty small so I can keep up with things, so I hope you guys will forgive me for not doing more. That said, I couldn’t very well leave off this show, one whose light novel i’ve been following for several years now.


Probably the highest praise I can give this second episode is that it was the perfect follow-up to the brutality that was episode 1. Crunchyroll has added a content warning to the beginning of the episodes (something that I also believe was a needed step). First, we learn about Goblin Slayer’s daily life. When he’s not out in tunnels slaying goblins, our hero lives on a farm, helps out on the farm, and protects it from, you guessed it… goblins.


Priestess also makes a return, showing that she’s certainly not the little snowflake she appears at first glance. Overcoming the terror of the events that befell her on her first adventure, she now is a partner with Goblin Slayer, helping him on his adventures, and actively learning from him. It was so nice to see that scene with GS grilling her on information, and her not only responding with the answer, but actively trying to contribute to the discussion, and come up with new strategies for fighting goblins. She really wants to learn, to grow… and that’s part of what I love about her.

Finally, we also learn a bit about Goblin Slayer’s background, and of course, why he hates goblins so much. I seriously loved the cinematography used during the assault on the goblin’s fortress, using the flames from Goblin Slayer’s arrows as a medium to tell us his backstory. Even if not directly shown to us, due to what we saw in the first episode, we’re able to vividly imagine what Goblin Slayer experienced while watching from beneath the floorboards.


This world is a living, breathing thing, one that is dark and dangerous in a very unique way. Every character has a history, a motivation behind their actions. And it’s not always pretty, or glamorous. However, this episode also gave us a glimpse of how not everything is bad, either. Seeing the group of rookie adventurers return safely from their mission, or seeing the face of Guild Girl perk up upon seeing Goblin Slayer, really gives these characters, and this world, a light that the first episode lacked.

Anyways, for fear of rambling too long, i’ll cut myself off there. Hope you guys are enjoying the series so far, and I do hope that some who had decided to drop the show after episode one at least give episode 2 a try. I’m really surprised how many good shows are airing this season, and i’m trying to find time in my schedule to watch them all, but for now… thank you all for reading, and i’ll see you in the next post!

3 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer – Episode 2

  1. They did do a very solid job on this second episode. The backstory was very nicely done and there were some really nice touches in the details along the way. However, I’m really loving ow Priestess and Goblin Slayer’s interactions were depicted in this episode. It was exactly how I kind of saw them while reading and I really just had such a great time watching them. Looking forward to more from the pair.

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