Grand Blue Dreaming – Episodes 2 & 3 Review

Grand Blue Dreaming is still right up near the very top of shows i’m watching this season. The excellent production values, storytelling, and comedy all have major impact, and in the next few episodes of the show, we’ve gotten to care about our characters more, as well as learned more about diving. If it keeps up like this, I think there’s an awesome story to tell, alongside all the comedy.

Episode 2 starts off with, again, Iori having been conned into drinking all night. His family is getting frustrated that he hasn’t been sleeping in his room, and Iori himself wants to take a load off. When he hears that the others are going to a mixer, however… things get a bit complex. Afterwards, the gang heads to the local pool to work on basic diving techniques, and helping Iori get over his fear of water.

Episode 3, on the other hand, gets deeper into the mechanics of diving, as well as introducing us to another member of the club, the beautiful Azusa. The boys must fight for all they are worth to keep from being entered in a beauty pageant… and Iori finally discovers the wonders of scuba diving, and the importance of partnership.

I really appreciated a few things about these episodes, but I think the biggest thing was Iori’s reaction to seeing the view beneath the waves for the first time. My first time diving, I didn’t have a license, or really much training at all. But… when I got down into the coral reefs for the first time, seeing the fish, the colors, the life… it was like stepping onto another planet. The chills I felt, that sense of wonder and joy… is something i’ve never forgotten.

It really pleases me that they are doing a good job telling a story, progressing the plot, while still having so many comedic moments. The jokes never seem to get old; they stick the landing, every time. And hey, that’s something that a lot of shows this season seem to be struggling with…

All-in-all, I very, very highly recommend Grand Blue Dreaming to everyone. I can really only see it getting better from here. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the show as much as I am… though maybe it’s hard to have the same emotional impact like I had if you haven’t gone diving before. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed this post, and is having a wonderful summer! Thanks for reading, and i’ll catch you all next time.

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