Happy Sugar Life – First Impressions

What a ride. Seriously, this show was not anything like I expected it to be… and was far more interesting than i’d anticipated. It’s somewhat rare in Anime that we get a true Villain as a main character, but Happy Sugar Life does an incredible job showcasing the strange, odd, and disturbed side of humanity, and showing us that many normal-seeming people can have darkness lurking beneath their skin.


A pretty high-school girl named Satou meets a young girl named Shio, and falls in love with her. They begin living together, with Satou working a job to support their lifestyle. She seems like a somewhat sweet, but awkward young girl, but as the episode progresses, we get to see more and more of her dark side; who she really is.

Happy Sugar Life is, in the most real sense that i’ve witnessed so far, a show about Psychopathy. That is to say, the condition of being a ‘psychopath’. Psychopathy is defined in medical terms as someone lacking human empathy, restraint, and common sense, yet can generally understand how normal humans function, and imitate them. When they snap, however, they can become obsessive, violent, and destructive, as they lack the ability to care about anyone besides themselves.

Take a chill pill, lady!

Episode one gets shockingly dark very quickly, as the sweet story about love and flowers turns to one of bullying, mistrust, selfishness, and even sexual abuse. I’ve seen the word Yandere tossed around about the show, but it doesn’t really cover the full picture of what this show details.

The OP and the ED are both great, and the visuals are very well done. Clean and nice, and a bit eerie at just the right times. I think most importantly, however, is that the show is truly about evil. The main character is a lying, manipulative, murdering pedophile. She’s a villain, yet she manages to operate in normal society. And I think that’s the most disturbing thing about the show so far.

Dis face tho

Hope you guys enjoyed this first impressions. It’s a shame the show is locked behind Amazom, so you’ll need Prime, or to watch it on fansubs to really watch the show. Anyways, for those who have been watching the show, how are you enjoying it? It’s quite the ride, and i’d like to know how others are taking the crazy emotional material packed into this show. Anyways, thanks everyone for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

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