Asobi Asobase – First Impressions

Asobi Asobase… I haven’t heard much chatter about this show, like… at all, so I was a little wary when jumping into it, unsure what I might find. The description promised chaos, hilarity, and a great time, so I said hey, to heck with it. I’ll give it a shot and see what I think. After all, Comedy is kinda my thing.


It hurts…

It started off pretty well, actually, with some funny looking facial expressions, random stunts of weirdness, and some crazy characters. But as I got more into the first episode, I realized that there are some major problems with the show that were hindering me from having a good time. I’ll talk about the good first, though, before I start talking about the bad.

The show has some great sound design on its hands. The OP and ED, though wildly different, are both stellar, and the voice acting of the characters is quite good as well. The artstyle is different from the norm, looking more like it’s crayon-drawn, or colored pencil on paper, rather than the smooth, clean animation we’re used to. The characters are also well-animated, constantly going off-model for the sake of hilarity, or contorting between various artstyles to showcase emotion.

Nani nani?

This is where we get to the problems, though. Honestly… the comedy didn’t really hit home for me. While Asobi Asobase gives a chaotic, crazy mess of a story, i’d honestly just prefer to go rewatch Nichijou, or look at one of the other knee-slappers this season, such as Chio’s School Road, or Grand Blue. This show failed, spectacularly, in the one thing it was hyped to do… make me laugh.

I really felt like it was trying too hard with each gag. It all felt forced and sterile, with a surprising lack of… FUN. Maybe that’s just me and the type of comedy I enjoy, but when a COMEDY show is failing to be FUNNY… that’s a problem. I hate not giving shows a proper look, however, so I watched all three currently aired episodes.

Utter failure.

Mission failed…

I didn’t laugh a single time in three episodes, and so… Asobi Asobase is hitting the dumpster. I wonder… has anyone else had the same feelings about the show as me? Or is it just that my sense of humor, and the comedy this show gives, don’t really align very well? I’m interested to know, so please let me know your opinion down in the comments! Thanks for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!

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