Spring 2018 Season Droplist! (And unfinished)

Well, I covered everything I was able to finish during the Spring 2018 season, but there were a few more shows that I started watching but never finished due to time constraints, and more than I tried, and dropped. This is the list of both, and a little explanation as to my feelings on the show, and why it got dropped… as well as how many episodes I made it through. Let’s start with the unfinished list.

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online (7 Episodes)


SAOA: GGO is a reboot of Reki Kawahara’s Gun Gale Online world by a different author, featuring a whole new set of characters. The writing differs pretty heavily from the original SAO, making it feel a lot more like a game, or at least from a place of better understanding of games. It’s not without its foibles, including questionable narrative decisions and uninspiring pacing, but I did get some enjoyment out of the show. Not enough, however, to prioritize watching it when things got busy.

Megalo Box (5 Episodes)


Megalo Box is another show that I thought really, really highly of at the beginning of the season. The action is good, the oldie aesthetic is good… but it never felt like they were trying to push the boundaries, and the narrative was a bit questionable at times. Mood is a big factor in my watching habits, though, and I ended up passing over this show in favor of funnier shows like Hinamatsuri and Wotakoi, since I really needed some laughs lately.

Comic Girls (9 Episodes)


Absolutely one of the funnier shows of the season, that cutesy comedy kept me on the ride for a long time. However, at some point, I started to get bored of it, the moe got a bit cloying, the yuri tones a bit too strong for my tastes. It’s a good show, and I want to finish, but I needed a break.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (7 Episodes)


Generally i’m not a fan of sports Anime… but I do like Idol shows. For some reason, the idea of a horse girl sports idol anime really appealed to me… yet again, got boring after a while. This show has some brilliant moments. Comically well-written, hits all the intense sports vibes you’d expect it to, but… I needed something else last season. And this show wasn’t a good fit at the time.

And that’s my unfinished list for the season…. Wow, last season was kind of a disaster for me. Oh well, i’ll finish it all later. Anyways, time to take a look at my dropped list, just for good measure… Oh, and i’m not including anything I dropped on Episode 1.

Persona 5 (Episode 3)

Caligula (Episode 5)

Dances with the Dragons (Episode 3)

Akkun to Kanojo (Episode 5)

Libra of Nil Admirari (Episode 2)

And there’s my dropped list. What do you guys think? Any of these shows I should give priority to finishing up? And what shows have we dropped in common? Let me know down in the comments, and look forward to see what i’m watching during the Summer season! Thank you all for reading, and i’ll see you all in the next post!!

5 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Season Droplist! (And unfinished)

  1. Having finished Gun Gale Online last week, I have to say that I did enjoy it, but it certainly wasn’t as great as the original series. The biggest flaw was on the part of the story and the characters. As you say it felt more like watching a game, but the action was pretty cool and in that regard I enjoyed it 😊

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  2. I don’t think I’ve seen a finished review of Dances with Dragons, which I guess tells me I didn’t miss much by dropping it episode 2.
    Gun Gale Online didn’t work for me. I never wanted SAO to be more like a real game because I find watching someone else play a game pretty boring which is more or less how I felt by episode four of the spin-off.

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  3. I dropped Gun Gale after the gun started to talk. I was so done at that point. Sad since I would have liked to see a leading female character. I’m not done with MEGALOBOX yet and I will finish it. I just watch it with my husband so it is more of a scheduling time issue lol.

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  4. Interestingly, I dropped pretty much everything you did, although I dropped most at episode 1 (Dances with the Dragons was dropped at episode 2). Exceptions are Persona 5 (I have no familiarity with the franchise, so I might have to watch at least one of the other Persona adaptions to understand what’s going on) and Caligula (which I was really on the fence about before putting it on hold). Notably, I had a headache while watching Libra of Nil Admirari’s first episode, so that might need another try as well.

    Aside from Megalobox (currently on hold), I didn’t try any of your on hold list though.

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  5. Comic girls is bloody terrible just don’t even bother I find it amazing you lasted to episode 9 I wanted to give up at 6 but I stayed because I generally like shows focused on CGDCT and I thought it would grow on me if I continued to watch it, I was terribly wrong but I did get two blog posts out of the experience so I have that.


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