Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory – First Impressions

Hello guys, and welcome to a very special First Impression from me. Full Metal Panic was one of the first anime I ever watched in my life. I’m not sure exactly where it comes in at this point, but it was definitely in the original 10 or so series that I watched, way back when I was just barely getting into Anime. It’s been… a very, very long 13 years without a new addition to the series, but as that time sped on by, I could never help but reminisce a bit at just how many memories I have of this series, and wishing desperately for more.

I’m not gonna lie; the first episode of this had me nearly in tears the entire way through, mainly because of the memories I have with this show. But that’s enough reminiscing… let’s get to the meat of this, shall we?

They are so adorably awkward

First off, the show looks fantastic. The original series is pretty dang old, and it shows. The visuals are fuzzy and time-worn, but still look pretty good. Invisible Victory, however, has taken that aesthetic, and bumped it right into HD. The art is beautiful, the animation very fluid and crisp, and everything looks just right.

We didn’t get an OP or an ED in the first episode, so I can’t judge that at all. However, the soundtrack so far is great, staying in the background yet doing a great job enhancing the scenes and the characters. Who, by the way, I absolutely adore. Sousuke and Chidori are amazing, near-perfect examples of what good main characters should be. Over the first few seasons of the show, both of them experienced trials and tribulations, and it shows in their character development. Seeing both of them now, so grown up and polished by their respective experiences is just amazing.

It just looks so dang good…

Chidori in particular, i’d like to mention. She’s not a damsel in distress. She’s not the female lead who makes stupid decisions to ‘protect what she cares about’ or anything like that. She’s a high schooler, but is willing to stand up and fight for what she believes in. She’s one of the strongest female leads i’ve ever seen in a show, and feels so much more real and interesting than so many out of the waves of bland, generic characters we see so often. Even someone coming into the series new should be able to recognize just what a great character she is.

I’m so, so excited for this season. Shows may come and go, be picked up and get dropped, but I know this one, for sure, is staying on my watchlist. I just adore Full Metal Panic and everything about it so much, and i’m overwhelmingly excited to see what this new season has in store for us. All I really have to say is, thank you, studio Xebec, for returning one of my favorite series to me. And thank all of you so very much for reading.

Gosh I love these characters so much…

4 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory – First Impressions

  1. I was also pleasantly surprised by this one. After so many other shows returned and left me feeling a little flat, this one just plunged me straight back into a world I loved with characters I loved and its been pretty awesome so far. Let’s hope they keep it going.

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    1. It’s one of those cases where, when I first watched the show, I think I was a bit too young to really appreciate the depth and development given to the world and the characters, yet now returning to it, as i’m older, the way the show and the characters have grown and evolved just blows me away. I hope to see lots of people talking about this show this season, because I really believe it’s gonna be good.

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      1. I think the biggest problem is the 13 year gap. Newer anime fans probably haven’t seen the original and this isn’t something you can jump into without the previous seasons.

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