Love To-LIE-Angle – First Impressions

How many shorts and I going to blindly stumble into this season??? There’s been quite a few already, some good, some entertaining, some questionable. However, this show has to be the worst one so far. Not only is it a short show, but it relies on the main character running into pervy situation after pervy situation with various girls in a boarding house.

… Why?

While well-used fanservice and ecchi moments can make a show fun and interesting to watch (i.e. Eromanga Sensei), there are times when the difference between shameless pandering and clever entertainment become glaringly obvious. This is one of those times. With basically no plot at all, the 3 minutes of each episode is stuffed to bursting with shameless perversion and nudity.

In a season with so many great shows, such a distasteful piece of media leaves an awful taste in my mouth. No way am I keeping this show on my watchlist; I say goodbye and good riddance. Anyone else stumbled upon this show this season? What are your thoughts about it?

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