Megalobox – First Impressions

For a show that i’ve been hearing nothing but mixed reviews about for a while now, I went into Megalobox not really knowing what to expect. I’ve never been a huge fan of sports anime, and was planning to drop it pretty quick if that’s what it turned out to be. Fortunately, Megalobox blew way past all my expectations, the first few episodes being not only interesting, but rather unique, all-told.

This is how you deliver solid action

Megalobox is set in what seems to be a rather futuristic world where a sport called Megaloboxing pits fighters wearing physical enhancement gear against each other in brutal battles in the ring. The first thing you’ll notice, though, is the styling. While there are a lot of unique-looking shows this season, Megalobox distinguishes itself with a somewhat dirty, grainy-looking palette, and very angular, detailed artstyle. I must say, i’m quite a fan.

The soundtrack is great too, perfectly tuned to pump you up, and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the OP, the ED blew me away, and may just be the best of the season, we’ll see.  The action was delivered quite nicely as well, very fluid, combined with some excellent sound design made for pretty satisfying fights.

#rapeface of the season

Overall, the underdog story is a pretty overdone trope, but I feel like Megalobox has the potential to make it really, really awesome and interesting. It could still end up as a flop, but from what i’ve seen of it so far, I feel pretty good about the show. For those of you who’ve seen Megalobox this season, what do you think about it?

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