Last Period: the journey to the end of despair – First Impressions

Last Period is a show that I really knew nothing about when I jumped into it, other than it’s based off a video game. The show begins with quite a handful of expositional dialogue, talking about Spirals, Periods, and some other stuff to explain the current state of the world. To be honest, it was a bit much to take in, especially for someone totally new to the franchise. I feel there could have been a better way of explaining things, even if they had to take the first episode a bit more slowly.

These character designs tho

Let’s look at some of the positives first, before I talk about the negatives. The show looks great. The artwork is very colorful and stylized, the characters all looking somewhat chibi-like in their designs, very fitting for a show based off an MMO. Likewise, both the OP and the ED are among my favorites of the season so far, with great visuals and an energetic, catchy tune to go along with it. With smooth animation and plentiful use of their gorgeous color palette, Last Period is definitely one of the prettiest shows of the season.

Unfortunately, I fear that beautiful artwork and animation may be going to waste here. I personally found the first episode quite dull. The story wasn’t terribly engaging, and though the characters were cute, they didn’t have a whole lot of substance. If you’re looking for a very light and fluffy Fantasy show this season, this’ll definitely fit the bill, but my current tastes are running a bit aside from that.

At least it acknowledges it’s own faults…

This definitely isn’t the worst of the season, nor is it the best. I’ll keep it on my list for a while, but with so many quality shows to see this Spring, I won’t be surprised if I end up dropping it.

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