Golden Kamuy – First Impressions

I’m a little behind on my First Impressions of this show, so much so, in fact, that i’m pretty sure most people know at least a little about the show. Mostly about the 3DCG bear that everyone’s been making a fuss over. However, I decided to give the show a shot, ignoring the rumors of the horrific bear in the hopes of finding an interesting show to add to my seasonal list. But, was I successful?

Seriously though, like, wtf is this bear??

Well… interesting question. Golden Kamuy has a lot of things going for it, as well as some drawbacks as well. It’s definitely not the prettiest show this season, with most of the shows i’ve seen so far looking better than it (and that’s not even including the bear.) That’s not to say it’s ugly, the animation is very smooth and crisp, it just doesn’t have the visual flare that many shows this season boast of. The opening is pretty nice, but I didn’t note any tracks in particular otherwise. The premise of the story is pretty intriguing, a plot to find hidden gold in what I assume is some kind of alternate-world japan, but it’s definitely not the strongest point of the series.

What I think may end up saving the show is one single factor: The characters. Only five minutes into the show, and Sugimoto had me hooked on him. His dark, sarcastic, coarse personality is similar to a character in one of my novels, and I think he seems pretty well-written so far. Likewise, Asirpa is charming and adorable, and I really want to know more about her. I think if anything can make Golden Kamuy a great show, it’ll be how the producers work around these two characters and their interactions.

She’s a keeper, dude

With this in mind, i’m going to be giving Golden Kamuy a shot. Out of the 10 or so shows i’ve seen so far of this season, this seems like one of the less solid picks, but I truly believe that these two characters alone are going to make the show a good watch. Anything they give us beyond that is just extra icing on the cake.

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