Crossing Time – First Impressions

This Spring season has given us quite a few shows of the “shorts” variety. As i’ve mentioned previously, i’m generally not a fan of short-episode shows, as they usually don’t tell a story or develop the characters in interesting ways. I didn’t realize that Crossing Time was a short when I initially picked it up, so imagine my surprise when the episode ended after only 3 minutes.

Cutting it close here…

I have a few complaints for this show. The OP, while short, still eats up a good 10% of the already short runtime. It’s not very impressive, either, showing some sepia stills with a generic jpop song mashed over the top. The rest of the episode fared a little better, giving us a cute little scene of two high school girls waiting for a train to pass. There were a couple cute scenes, with the girls messing with each other, and one even accidentally confessing, but overall, it was honestly pretty average.

Unfortunately, while the show did look pretty nice and the episode got a chuckle out of me, the short length of the episodes, combined with the relative lack of substance at all, makes this a show that i’m not terribly inclined to keep on my seasonal watchlist. So, unfortunately, Crossing Time will become the first official drop of the season.

Notice me senpai!!

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