My Sweet Tyrant – First Impression

I usually don’t go for the “shorts” each season, with Tsurezure Children last year being an exception. However, I decided to give My Sweet Tyrant a try… and i’m happy that I did. With only a 4 minute runtime in each episode, it’s hard to really get to know characters or tell a story… but luckily, with a comedy show like MST, you don’t need to.

My thoughts exactly

The story follows Atsuhiro (Akkun) and his girlfriend Non (Nontan). Akkun is extremely abrasive, especially towards Nontan, avoiding and insulting her at every turn. Secretly, though, he really adores and loves her, and is just the world’s biggest, dorkiest Tsundere.

My summary really isn’t doing it justice, though… it’s the kind of show you just need to watch to understand. With such a short runtime, it’s the perfect bite-size comedy to make you smile a bit when you’re busy or don’t have much time to spare. It looks nice, sounds nice, is genuinely funny, and overall is one of the best “short” anime series i’ve ever seen.


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