My Hero Academia Season 3 – First Impressions

Ok guys, we all knew this was coming. The hype train never stopped since last year, when Season 2 of MHA drew itself to a close, and basically the entire Anime community has been waiting for Season 3 with bated breath. And at long last, the show has arrived!

Episode 1 is, as is relatively typical of a long-running Shonen, a recap episode. However, I must say, the way it was executed was absolutely fantastic. Giving us more of all the characters we know and love, with some friendly competition thrown into the mix as well. For an episode that was mostly filler and recap, we actually got a surprising number of little character moments over the course of the episode.

Obligatory fanservice (via Mineta’s brain)

I need to state, right off the bat, though… I’m not a huge fan of the new OP. Maybe having only heard it a couple times is skewing my opinion a bit, but I feel that out of all the opening sequences the show has to offer, currently, this new one is my least favorite by a relatively wide margin.

I’m not sure what more I can say without starting to spoil the rest of the season. Being the proud owner of over a dozen volumes of the manga, and having read much further than that online, I can say for a certainty that this season of MHA is going to be positively amazing… maybe even the best season the show will have for quite a while. It all depends on execution, but we do have some of the most interesting events in the whole manga up and coming in just the next few episodes alone; this story arc is gonna be one heck of a fun ride.

Swim on forever, Deku

14 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Season 3 – First Impressions

      1. The visuals really don’t go with it at all. I felt an absolute disconnect when watching the start of the second episode between what I was seeing and what I was hearing. It just doesn’t work for me at all.

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      2. I think the song might not seem as bad if they had visuals that matched up more with what the music was doing, like they had with the first three. Listening to it without the visuals, the song is alright, but taken with the visuals it just feels really awkward.

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