Caligula – First Impressions

Though I haven’t seen many of the new shows this season yet, Caligula already stands out as one of the most interesting and unique picks so far. Coming from Studio Satelight, who, with a repertoire containing the likes of Symphogear, Macross, Log Horizon, and more, the I see nothing but positives as far as production values are concerned. It’s not Madhouse or Ufotable, but the show looks pretty dang cool nonetheless.

Yes indeed

I’m a pretty  big fan of Vocaloid, and though it hasn’t meshed with my music tastes recently, I do have a few hundred vocaloid songs on my iTunes library. Caligula, as far as I can tell, anyways, is about a vocaloid star who gains sentience… and turns evil. Honestly, it ends up being a far better watch than that sounds.

I think the first episode might be somewhat of a turnoff to some people, given the confusing content, very stylized visuals, and the constant use of a “static” effect to make things seem glitchy and strange. While i’m usually not a big fan of effects such as static and sepia, Caligula manages to pull it off pretty well.

Image result for caligula anime episode 1
Lots of static

I still don’t really feel much attachment to the main character, or any of the characters really, at this point. I think that, similar to Persona 5, it may take some getting used to, as the myteries of the world are revealed, we’ll get to know and love the cast. Honestly, it may be too early to tell right now, but I think Caligula is going to be a pretty strong pick for this season.

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