A Walk in the Park – Creative Aniblogger Coalition

Hey everyone! SO this is a collab that’s been a long time in the making (seriously, like… 5 months we’ve been working on it now?) but we’ve finally gotten around to finishing it! I was actually a somewhat late entry into the collab project, came in a couple weeks after everyone else (not that it really matters at this point) so i’m not sure exactly how it started. All I know is it was an interesting was for a bunch of Anibloggers to get together and show off their creative spirit.

We started off with a list of 52 different Genres, and using a random number generator, each of us was assigned a genre. We then had to write a story around that genre, basing it on two different themes: A “couple” and a “park”. As long as our story fit those two criteria, we had full creative freedom on how we approached things.

It’s been really cool over the past few months to see different stories evolve and grow in complexity and quality, and see how different they all ended up being. I don’t think I’m the only one of us who thinks this was a great exercise as writers, and had a ton of fun.

Anyways, let’s get to the meat of this thing. The genre that I rolled was “Ecchi”. Now, you might not believe this, but Ecchi is a very hard genre to write, as when you keep things too tame, it just turns into sappy romance, but take things too wild, and you’ve just got Hentai on your hands. I feel like i’ve managed to straddle that line relatively well, delivering a good story with some pervy moments splashed in, which hopefully also avoid the general LN tropes of Ecchi writing. But i’ll leave that up to you guys to decide.


A gentle breeze blows through a busy, crowded plaza, hundreds of people moving this way and that, a buzzing throng of humanity, voices and footsteps mingling together in a colorful melting pot, filling the air with energy. Street vendors call out, adding their voices to the cacophony, inviting members of the throng to emerge from the crowd and inspect their various wares. The heat of the springtime sun, mingling with the coolness of the breeze, the nip of winter still carried through the air, lend the plaza a relatively pleasant temperature; one of an ending winter, of a coming summertime.

A young man absently glances around the plaza, brushing a few loose strands of bleached blonde hair from his forehead. The crowd parts around him, isolating him like an island in an ocean, people whispering, throwing furtive glances at him as they move past. He sighs, adjusting the dark sunglasses on his face, his scar-striped fingers  trembling, just slightly.

Even in the lightly chilling breeze, his dark leather jacket seems excessive, the fingerless black gloves somewhat strange. His torn jeans are fashionable, yet at the same time give him a rough intimidating appearance. “Geez, these people…” He ruminates to himself. “All of them, always judging people by appearances. Am I really that scary of a person?”

Briefly touching his left earlobe, his fingers find the small blue stud there, lingering on it for just a moment. He glances at his phone, displaying the time, 4:05 P.M. As the light fades from the screen, he absently begins spinning the phone again, once again scanning the crowd. The crowd parts even further, a group of girls chattering nervously as they catch a glimpse of his face, before hurrying onward.

“Heeey! Alex! Over heeere!” He glances towards the voice as it calls his name, hazel eyes locking onto a wide-brimmed, white hat bobbing its way through the crowd towards him. Sighing, he slips his smartphone back into his pocket.

“What are you doing?” He calls back to the hat.

“Alex! I can’t… I can’t get through the crowd! Help!” The hat calls, in a pitiful voice.

Groaning, Alex strides into the throng of people, reaching out with one arm and grabbing, pulling his friend from the crowd. The hat pops free from the crush of people, the person attached to it impacting softly into Alex’s chest. Deep blue eyes peer up at him from beneath the brim, a slight red glow highlighting lightly freckled cheeks.

“Hi, Alex!” a giggle and a bright, warm smile accompany the words as the girl nuzzles herself deeper into Alex’s chest. Alex rolls his eyes, glancing away from her face to hide the growing warmth on his own.

“Hi Meg. You’re late, you know.”

“Hee hee, not really. You’re just really early, as always!” Megan’s grin widens as she looks up at him with her wide, innocent eyes. Groaning internally, Alex found himself unable to directly answer.

“Ok, ok, whatever. Let’s just get going, ok?” He gently pushes the girl away from him, gently adjusting her hat as he does. She nods, still smiling, and wraps herself around his right arm, the warmth of her body spreading across his skin.

“Okey dokey!” she exclaims. “So? Where are we going today?”

“Um… Uh…” Alex splutters, trying, unsuccessfully, to ignore his own arm. “Well, there was that new restaurant that opened around here, right? You um… you said you wanted to eat there sometime, so I thought…”

“Oh my gosh! Alex, you remembered? That’s so sweet!” Megan lets go of his arm, doing an energetic little twirl to end up in front of him, her lacey yellow dress swirling around her, revealing quite a bit of her clean, white stockings. Bending forward in front of Alex, she looks up at him from beneath her hat, her smile brighter than ever.

“Be more mindful, you idiot…” Alex, trying to focus on Megan’s face, was unable to help noticing the way her dress had slipped from one shoulder, exposing a bit of delicate pink lace. He hurriedly pulls the strap back up onto her shoulder for her, sighing inwardly.

“Yeah, well, you know… I try. I mean, um… I had nothing to do today anyways, so, um… yeah…” Alex mutters, scratching his head.

Megan cocks her head for a moment, then wraps herself around Alex’s arm again. “In that case, I need you to escort me properly, ok?”

Weaving a path through the crowded plaza, Alex and Megan departed from their meeting point in front of the train station, heading towards a massive, modern-looking building. The early afternoon sun sparkled merrily off the great glass and metal structure, throwing dazzling glimmers of light in every direction.

Megan let go of Alex’s arm, briefly, taking the chance to dance her way through a public water feature, the sprays of water seeming to wrap her in rainbows as her bright dress and long, silky brown hair spiral around her. Unable to help himself, Alex chuckled a bit at his friend’s antics, blushing a bit as he removes his jacket to wrap around her shoulders as she exited the fountain, the water making her dress cling to her body.

Finally arriving at the cafe, Alex hands the waiter his reservation ticket, then guides Megan through the aisles of the restaurant to their table, a place situated on a balcony about midway up the dazzling mall structure, overlooking the city park.

Megan snatched up a menu, her blue eyes glittering excitedly, and immediately began ordering a veritable feast of cakes, pastries, and other dessert items. Alex felt an uncomfortable weight settle in his stomach, thinking about having to eat all those sweets, just as his wallet mysteriously felt very, very light, all of a sudden.

“Mmmf! Oh, my gosh! This is amazing!” Megan cried out in a starstruck voice, licking the remnants of a thick, gooey chocolate cake from her fork, before slicing off another mouthful and offering it across the table. “Here, try it! Alex, it’s soooo yummy! You’ve got to try this!”

“Well, I, um…” Alex spluttered, trying to think about how to avoid this situation. “How am I supposed to react to eating that cake after I just saw you lick that fork clean, you idiot!” Alex’s internal screams went unanswered, however, as Megan leaned further and further across the table, finally forcing a forkful of cake into his reluctant mouth.

“Ehehe, it’s good, huh?” Megan smiled innocently at him from across the table, carefully navigating another forkful of cake into her mouth. One of her dress straps had slipped from her shoulder again, making Alex look away awkwardly, absently fiddling with the small blue stud in his left ear. The cool spring wind swept across the balcony, rustling the branches in the trees in the park below.


“Thank you sooo much for taking me to that restaurant, Alex! That was probably the best cake i’ve ever had in my life!” Megan smiled down at him as he lay, groaning, on the wooden park bench, his stomach roiling with the mass of cakes and dessert it had been stuffed with.

“Glad you liked it, Meg…” he managed to say. Grimacing, he pulled himself upright, glancing over his friend standing in front of him. Her bright yellow dress hugged the slim curves of her body prettily, the medium length of the skirt showing off her delicate legs, the sleeveless straps revealing smooth shoulders and slim, petite arms. “What planet do you come from, woman, where you can eat that much cake and not get fat??” Alex rubbed his temples, trying to fight off the rush of sugar in his veins.

“Alex, are you ok?” Megan peered down at him with a worried look on her face. “You don’t look so good.”

“Yeah, I um… I think I overate, just a bit.”

“Oh no!” She dug through her purse momentarily, retrieving a small packet of pills. “I’m gonna go find you something to take this with, so stay right there, ok?” and with that, she was gone, trotting off towards the other end of the park, looking for a vending machine.

“Geez…” Alex muttered to himself. “Seriously, how carefree can that girl be?” he massaged his temples even harder with his thumbs, trying to ward off the oncoming headache.

It had been over ten years, now, since he’d first met Meg. Truly, he did not deserve her as a friend, but for some reason, she had always stuck around. Not that he was complaining, but it still baffled him as to why she’d choose to spend her time with someone like him.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a resounding shriek, echoing through the park. Alex’s eyes shot open, and he tore the sunglasses from his face, to give himself a better view of the park in the dimming evening light. Staggering to his feet, his stomach still queasy, he began stumbling towards the source of the sound.

“Let go of me! Stop it!”

“Hey, chick, stop struggling, ok? I just wanted to talk to you, is all.”

“Nooo! I said leave me alone! Go away!”

“Hey, come on, just let me buy you a drink or something, yeah?”

As Alex rounds a bend, he sees Megan struggling, her arm firmly in the grasp of a man that looks to be in his mid-twenties. Tank-top, bleached hair in a fohawk, the guy practically oozed douchebag.

“Please, let go of me! I don’t want anything to do with you!” Megan was struggling, trying to pull her arm free of his grasp, to no avail.

“Oh, come on now, girl, you’re gonna hurt my feelings. Come on, let’s be friends, ok?” The man tightened his grip, starting to pull her away from the park.

“Excuse me, sir?” Alex intones, placing a hand on the older man’s shoulder. “I need you to please let go of my friend.”

The man turns on Alex with a glare. “Hey, i’m just having a friendly conversation with this girl, so butt out ok, kid? Go home and play with your right…”


The guy’s sentence was interrupted by Alex’s fist drilling deep into his face, a sharp cracking sound accompanying the blow. His grip instantly loosened, the man’s body spun a full circle as he lost his hold on Megan’s arm, collapsing onto the ground. Alex approached him, cracking his knuckles and pulling a dislodged tooth from the skin of his knuckle, eyeing the downed man’s distorted jaw.

“Let me teach you something, dickweed.” Alex pulled his sunglasses from his pocket, easing them over his eyes as he crouched down over the fallen man. “If you’d picked a fight with me,this all would have ended with just your broken jaw. But nobody touches Megan, got it?”

The man’s eyes showed fear, as well as confusion, as blood and spittle dribbled from his shattered jaw. Alex brought back his fist once more, smashing it down into the guy’s face, crushing his nose, then again, knocking him out. Grunting as he straightened, Alex turned to Megan, who had collapsed onto the ground.

“Um… sorry… about that. I let my anger get the better of me…” He scratched his head with his unhurt hand. “Um… by the way…” Alex pointed, bashfully, at where Megan’s skirt had hiked up her legs so far that her lacey, pink panties were clearly visible.

With a squeal, she adjusted her position, tugging her skirt over herself and tucking her legs beneath her body, her face a bright crimson as she looked at Alex through disheveled bangs, her hat laying several feet away. Alex fetched it, dusted it off and, with a sigh, gently placed it back on her head before helping her to her feet.

“Are you, um… Are you all right?” He asked, tentatively.

“Alex, you idiot!” She shouted, punching him in the chest, though her blow barely registered to him. “Why are you always getting into fights all the time?” Her blue eyes glistened with tears.

“Well, I, um… I just…”

“You just WHAT, Alex? You’re always getting into fights, always trying to protect me…” She sniffled, wrapping her fingers gently around his cut and bleeding hand, the slit made by the tooth looking strangely similar to the plentiful scars that covered his fingers. “Always getting hurt… Getting hurt for someone like me… Why…”

Alex held her, her tiny body trembling in his arms as she sobbed into his chest, turning his eyes toward the sky, unsure what, if anything, he could say to her.


“There we go, it’s all bandaged up, now!” Megan said with a smile, her eyes still a bit puffy as she finished wrapping Alex’s wounded hand in the gauze she always kept in her purse. “Seriously Alex, you need to learn to take better care of yourself! What would you do if I wasn’t around?”

“Yeah, yeah, I can take care of myself, Megan.” He muttered, leaning his head back against the cool wood of the park bench, gazing over the top of his sunglasses at the moon, just beginning to be visible in the night sky.

“I don’t think you can! That’s why i’m saying this!” Megan huffed, her cheeks puffing out in anger. As she crossed her arms in a huff, Alex glanced at her, noticing how she held herself close. Without saying anything, he removed his warm leather jacket and slipped it over her shoulders.

She looked up at him, questioning and gratitude glimmering in her wide, blue eyes, but che said nothing, instead looking down at the ground.

“The sky is pretty tonight, you know…” Alex mumbled, trying to dispel the silence as it fell, cold and heavy, over them, the crickets in the park just beginning their chirping.

No answer.

“Um… wow, that cake from today was really tasty, wasn’t it?”

No answer.

Feeling a cold sweat beginning to bead across his spine, Alex swallowed hard. “Um… is your arm doing all right? It looked like he was-”


Megan’s soft voice stopped his rambling mid-sentence. He glanced down at her, and started at what she was holding in her hands.

“Alex… what is this…?” She asked, showing him the small, ornately wrapped package she had fished out one of his coat pockets.

“That’s, umm, well…” Alex stuttered, awkwardly, unable to look her in the eye. “Well, I mean, um… I was sick on your birthday, so I got you a present late…”

“Alex, you did give me a present on my birthday? Remember? You had your little sister deliver it to my house because you were sick…” She looked up at him, her eyes wide, confusion swirling in them.

“I um… Uh… Oops, my bad! Hahaha, guess i’ll need to return that, right?” Alex laughed nervously, sweat pouring down his back, his face blazing with heat.

“Let me at least look at it!” She said, tearing the wrapping paper from the box and flipping the lid open before Alex could snatch the package away from her.


“AHHHH my life is over! I’m so totally screwed, totally done-for. Goodbye, cruel world…”

“Alex… What… What is this?” Megan asked in a shaking voice, her hands trembling as she clutched the box.

“That’s, um… you see…” Alex massaged his temples, stress levels building by the second. “I’m just gonna have to go for it, huh?”

“Megan.” He said, taking her gently by the shoulders. “That… is for you, if you want it… I was going to wait to give it to you, but you found it, so…” He swallowed hard, his mouth feeling like a miniature sahara desert. “You, um… you graduate in a month, right?”

She nods, her face a terrifying mix of expressions.

“Well… I, um…” Alex blinked several times, before gently taking the box, kneeling in front of her, and profferring the ring. “I was hoping that maybe, if you wanted, after you graduate, um… you would marry me?”



“Yep, it’s all over now. Alex, you stupid, stupid, why would you propose to her! She’s just a girl who treats you somewhat nicely, is all, there’s no way she’d have feeling for you, you moron! Plus, you’re three years her senior! She probably thinks you’re a disgusting creepo with a lolita complex or something. Gahhhh-”

Alex is broken from his internal monologue by the sound of sniffles from in front of him. Looking up, he sees tears freely streaming from Megan’s eyes, her face contorted in a way that, he believed, nobody but him could possibly find attractive.

“Alex, you… you… you stupid, moronic, idiot!”

Alex is bowled over by Megan as she tackles him, coming to rest on top of him, her soft, warm body straddling his torso, her dress hiked dangerously high up her legs.

“You stupid, stupid, stupid, moronic, chowder-headed, thick-skulled, idiot! Dummy! Moron! Numbskull!” She pummeled his chest with her soft fists as she let loose a stream of insults, her breath coming short and fast as she choked to inhale between sobs and insults. Alex closed his eyes, letting the words wash over him, his heart almost beating in tune with the blows raining down upon his chest.

After a while, her energy waned, and Megan collapsed onto his chest, gulping in air in great, heaving breaths. Tears still flowed down her face, however, as she finally pushed herself upright to stare him in the face, moonlight catching in her dishevelled, silken hair, wreathing her like a divine halo.

“Do you remember when we first met…?” Alex asked, hesitantly.

“Alex… you idiot. Of course I remember. How could I forget?” She reached up, gently tugging the sunglasses from his face, her fingers gently caressing the red, puckered scar beneath his left eye, normally hidden by the glasses he wore on a near-constant basis. “You got this, saving me from being hit by a car. Why would you do that for someone you didn’t know?”

Alex’s eyes opened wide in surprise, the he turned away from her questioning face, shrugging his shoulders. “Just felt like it, I guess. Nothing to it, really. Anyways, sorry for saying weird stuff… let’s just go home, ok?”

“No! It’s not ok!” Megan sobbed, entwining her fingers into his shirt. “You can’t just run from me, after saying something like that! Alex, do you have any idea how angry I am with you right now? Don’t you have something to say to me?”

“Um… I’m sorry, i’m really, really sorry, Megan, I didn’t mean-”

His apology was cut of by a strange, wet warmness on his lips. Megan pressed herself firmly into him, kissing him, her tears dripping onto his face. Her soft, delicate lips glistened as she pulled them from his, her disheveled hair glowing even brighter in the moonlight, the straps on her dress hanging loosely from her arms, exposing quite a bit of pink lace.

“M… Megan? I, um…” Alex spluttered.

Megan held up the box, the silver ring glittering in the moonlight. “Do you remember now, what you’re supposed to say?” She smiled, warmly, sadly, gazing deeply into his eyes as she sat atop him, a cool breeze rustling the leaves in the treetops, causing the grass to sway and tickle her bared legs.

Alex thought for a minute, then, tentatively, smiled.

“Oh, right… I should have told you this a long time ago… Megan… I love you.”

So… what did you guys think? It was a really fun project from start to finish, so i really hope you guys enjoyed it. I’m not gonna tag anyone, but any bloggers who might be interested in trying this out yourself, feel free to contact me or another member of the collab for more details! It would be cool if we could keep this going from person to person for a while.

My story isn’t the only one, though.

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    It took is forever but we finally made it to the posting stage! 😂
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