Anime Seasonals 2018 – The Winter Games: Let the Games Begin

Welcome to the season of Winter 2018, where myself and several other bloggers have come together to watch Anime, grow friendships, and mess with each other at the same time. This time, our collab is something quite special and amusing. Let me break it down for you.

The Rules:

With 4 bloggers participating in the collab, we’ve chosen 3 shows to watch this season (numbers not making sense to you? Don’t worry, they don’t make sense to any of us, either). As we watch, and make our weekly posts, we will each be making predictions about what we think will happen. Each episode, our predictions will include one story prediction, and one character action prediction. Each prediction we get right, we get a point.

At the end of the season, once all three shows have completed their runs, we will tally up our points, and the person with the least points gets a punishment!!! What is the punishment, you ask? Well, they will have to watch a show, selected by the other three, as a terrible, awful, utterly abominable show that is painful to watch, and write up a review on it.

The Participants:

As for the participants, well, first off there’s myself, the lovely AstralGemini and master of this Zodiac Room where you currently stand.

Irina, from Let’s Drink and Watch Anime, is here, with her competitive spirit and drinking games. She’s a super cool blogger who i’ve enjoyed many a friendly argument with about streaming sites, various shows, and more. She’s super smart, and may end up being my biggest competition here.

Leap250 is joining us, bringing their laid-back sense of style to the competition. With their insightful analyses and discourses on Seiyuus, and their general love of anything and everything cute, i’m very excited to have them on board and get to know them better.

And last, but certainly not least, our fearless leader, blogger Senpai, and the one who came up with this idea in the first place, it’s The Pantless Anime Blogger! A master of partial nudity, TPAB has been running his blog longer than any of us, and it’s thanks to his mediation and casual sense of style that we’re all gathered here to do this collab for your entertainment.

The Shows:

We’ve picked out 3 shows to watch for this competition (we actually went through quite a few before settling on this group, due to some problems with streaming services being stupid, namely N*****x and A****n), each from a different genre and feel, giving us a relatively diverse and interesting range of shows to work with!

  • Yuru Camp, or Laid-Back Camp, chosen by the most handsome member of the crew. (That’s obviously me, by the way.)
  • Sanrio Boys, chosen by the most competitive one, and connoisseur of the Shounen-Ai genre, Irina
  • Records of Grancrest War, chosen by the laid-back Leap250

The competitors are set, the shows are picked, the rules have been laid down. We’re a bit behind right now, due to some complications, communication breakdowns, and maybe a bit of general laziness on all our parts, but… We got this! Anyways, I hope you guys all understand the rules, and are excited for this season to come, so… LEEEEEET’S DO THIS THING!

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