A New Year, Apologies, and Plans

Happy New Year everyone! I’m terribly sorry for the lack of content on my blog through December. Between Christmas, my jobs, the play that I was in, and a visitor from another country, not to mention going out of town for a week, the month was totally crazy for me, and I didn’t have any free time at all to write on my blog. I spent the first few days of the New Year catching up on all the shows i’d missed during the chaos, polishing off my Fall 2017 season. I did get an opportunity to write an awesome post with some of the other great writers over at Unime, detailing our favorite shows from the 2017 year.


I’m super excited about 2018, i’m hopeful that we’ll get some great Anime this year. Already, i’m excited about Overlord season 2, My Hero Academia season 3, The Rising of the Shield Hero, and several other shows that have been announced for this year. I’m going to be (again) restructuring how I handle seasonal Anime, in order to better fit my schedule, watching only the best of the best of shows each season, and instead of episodic reviews, just writing about highlights, scenes that really stand out to me. That should ensure that, not only will I be getting more content to you guys each week, but the content itself should be of a higher caliber, as I will be more invested in what i’m writing.

Additionally, i’m super excited to announce (spoilers) that there are already some plans made for some collabs with some other awesome bloggers, including Irina, TPAB, Leap250, and Plyasm. Look forward to those upcoming collabs, they are going to be a TON of fun, and if you haven’t made the visit over to any of these guys’ blogs yet… DO IT. they’re all far better writers than I am, and have some really unique and interesting content on their blogs.

That’s it for this post, really just a bit of an informal rant, rather than an actual blog post about things, but I hope you guys enjoyed it anyways. As we launch into Winter 2018, please, PLEASE give me some recommendations of what I need to watch. Other than a few shows, i’m quite clueless as to what is gonna be good this season, so help me out!

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