Pretty Art and Tabletop gaming

I love tabletop gaming. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc… I’ve been playing them for years, and, in my opinion, they are the greatest sort of game. No other medium gives as much creative freedom to players, nor allows someone to tell as good of a story as a good tabletop RPG does, when done right. However, most of the best RPGs i’ve played have been set in medieval times; there hasn’t been a very good sandbox option for futuristic-type campaigns… Until now, anyways.

Paizo, the creators of the Pathfinder RPG, recently released a new set, called Starfinder. Starfinder is a direct integration with the old pathfinder system, allowing seamless transitions between existing worlds and campaigns, as well as free use of all existing Pathfinder materials. I was super stoked for this, especially when my best friend said he’d be DMing a game!

In advance preparation, I immediately began making a character. Rolling stats, writing a backstory… I fell in love with my character so much, in fact, that I ended up commissioning an artist named BlueLeopord to draw her for me! The results were fantastic; A beautiful piece of art, specifically for my character, representing her perfectly!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Art and Tabletop gaming

  1. I love to read about people who are still active in tabletop roleplaying and Starfinder does sound interesting. I myself am running a Pathfinder campaign and am playing a Ad&D campaign on Roll 20 with one of my writers who is not in the country. Will be sure to check out more of your stuff Astral Gemini.

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