100 Days of Anime: Day 100


My dear Horizon. This world does not deserve your radiant beauty. You are strong, wise, and beautiful, the Queen of the Far East, and controller of the Armors of Deadly Sins. Your perfection truly knows no bounds, and we all on this earth are unworthy of your beauty. However, you stand before us, and so I say to you: Horizon, you are a light in the darkness, a hope in despair. You are a beautiful, wonderful woman, and though I am unworthy, I give you my love, with all my heart.


Ok, yeah, that was cheesy, I know, but i’m bad at stuff like this. That’s Day 100 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge done, the challenge being to Confess your Love to an Anime Character. This challenge has been super fun, although super hard, and i’m very glad I took it on. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with it this far, please comment your own love letters down below, and I hope to see everyone again going forward!

8 thoughts on “100 Days of Anime: Day 100

      1. AstralGemini

        i was only able to pre-prepare about half of it before it got caught up with me and my busy schedule. From there on our it was a scramble to write one or two a day to keep up.

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