10 Days of Anime: Day 99


Hey guys, welcome back to the 100 Day Anime Challenge! Yesterday we looked at Male Anime characters in Kimonos, so today, we’re looking at Female Anime Characters in Kimonos. Kimonos and Yukatas are a staple of Japanese culture, something that pretty much anyone around the world would recognize as Japanese. And who doesn’t love a cute Anime girl in a colorful kimono? Well, for today’s question, someone popped into my head almost immediately, and that’s Suzuno, from The Devil is a Part Timer.

Who can say no to this face?

Suzuno comes from another world, just like most of the other main characters in the show, but unlike the others, her studies on Japanese society turned into a problem for her, as her wardrobe consists of nothing but kimonos. That being said, she looks fantastic in them, she’s just adorable in general, and she wields a giant warhammer, so I think she’s allowed to get away with it.

Even warriors can be shy…

Anyone else a fan of Suzuno? Who are some of you guys’ favorite Kimono-wearing girls in Anime? Please, leave me a comment down below, letting me know! Also, today is Day 99 of the challenge, meaning that tomorrow is the last day of the challenge! I hope everyone sticks around to read it, and thanks for everyone who’s followed this series from start to finish!

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