Fall 2017 Rundown: Week 4


Fall 2017 is still under way, and still shaping itself up to be, by far, the best season of the year. With an enormous selection of truly quality shows, and a bunch more that would have been the quality shows in previous seasons this year, I have been absolutely inundated with trying to keep up with everything. I am very glad to announce that I have pretty much finalized my seasonal watchlist, and I hope you guys are enjoying this season as much as myself.

Best of the Best:

RWBY Season 5 (Episode 4): It took me too long to move this one up to the top category, I think… The story here is just amazing, the art is beautiful, and it’s only getting better every season. It’s one of those stories that can totally defy all expectations, and leave you thirsting for more afterwards.

Girls’ Last Tour (Episode 3): Girls’ Last Tour may actually be my favorite show of the season. Something about it is just irresistibly brilliant, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with everything about it. Every episode just makes the show a bit more wonderful.

Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 5): Ancient Magus’ Bride has just gotten past the first volume of the Manga with Episode 5 of the Anime. This show is beautiful, yeah, but it’s also got quite a lot of soul behind it. I haven’t cried yet, but I have a feeling this one might do it, at some point.

Kino’s Journey (Episode 5): Kino’s Journey continues to be a great watch, Episode 5 improving the show again after the less-than-satisfactory Episode 4. It covers a lot of very interesting themes in a quite unique way, and i’m excited to see more of this wonderful story.

A Very Nice Watch:

Inuyashiki Last Hero (Episode 3): This did a great job of grabbing my attention right off the bat, with a great introduction to a story, and some thoroughly unsettling content. This is a show for a slightly more mature audience, but goodness, is it enjoyable.

Land of the Lustrous (Episode 3): Good heavens, this show is just absolutely gorgeous. it may actually be the prettiest show of the whole season, no joke. The art, the animation, everything is just absolutely delightful to look at. The story is intriguing as well, and i’m excited for more.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Episode 5): Gamer life here. This show has just been constant good quality, with amusing gags, interesting plot developments, and just generally good storytelling. It’s not the best of the season, but it’s a truly solid watch.

BLEND-S (Episode 5): BLEND-S is still hilarious. Each episode takes us to new and unexpected places, bringing the hilarity to a peak each time, with the antics of Maika and her friends. Good show.

Anime-Gataris (Episode 4): Episode 4 was, honestly, less good than Episode 3. This show has a good premise, but at times feels like they are trying to manage too many story threads at once, and it all sort of unravels a bit, once in a while. Still enjoying it, though.

These are OK, I guess:

UQ Holder (Episode 1): It’s nothing terribly special, so far, but it is a sequel to Negima! as well as a manga that i’ve been following for quite some time. I’m hopeful that the production value remains high, and that the plot follows the one in the Manga. It’s not the greatest Shounen, but at least we’re safe from Asta’s screeching…

TwoCar (Episode 2): I haven’t been able to fully catch up to this one, yet, but at this point i’m not entirely sure if this is gonna be a keeper or not. I suppose time will tell, as I get caught up to the story.

A Sister’s All You Need (Episode 2): I’m still not sold on this one. Once again, I’m still working to catch up to it, but it seems like there are a lot of good and bad points. Time will tell, I suppose, I just need to get myself caught up.

Konohana Kitan (Episode 4): It’s nothing if not relaxing, in a fluffy, adorable kind of way. I like referring to the show as “Konohana Kitten”, as it’s about as fluffy and adorable as a little kitten. The plot is essentially nowhere, but that’s totally ok.

Juni Taisen Zodiac War (Episode 5): The last few episodes have involved almost no fighting, and been entirely consumed with backstory. This is becoming a serious problem in this show, as I think what people are really looking for is some sick action, but 18 out of 22 minutes is being consumed by backstory for characters that are probably gonna be dead soon.

Black Clover (Episode 5): I would seriously be enjoying this show a lot more if Asta’s voice wasn’t so obnoxious… Honestly the plot seems like it could be decent, the art is nice… but it’s so hard to focus on good points with such a glaring fault. Very sad.

Dropped Shows:

Dies Irae (Episode 3): A complex plot does not always equal a deep plot, and Dies Irae is a great example of that. The plot just kept picking up more and more unnecessary elements, without resolving anything, turning into a big messy ball of half-baked plot threads. Sorry, but i’m dropping this one.

My Girlfriend is a Shobitch (Episode 3): I’m not one to hate on a good Ecchi… but this one just wasn’t that great. The delivery of the jokes was flat, the jokes themselves were pretty unimaginative… the whole thing just felt like a disaster… So, it’s a drop.

King’s Game (Episode 4): The plot, the pacing, everything just started to rub me the wrong way. Constant flashbacks continually detracted from the progression of the story, while the characters are just frustratingly obnoxious. For those reasons, King’s Game is a drop, for me.

Sengoku Night Blood (Episode 1)

Urahara (Episode 3)

Evil or Live (Episode 3)



One thought on “Fall 2017 Rundown: Week 4

  1. There is a lot this season that is fantastic and a lot of shows that if they’d come out any other season would have held up as really decent but are kind of struggling when being compared with some of the shows this season. It makes you wonder why all these shows came out in the one season rather than spreading them out a bit more but then again, there are some people who aren’t too keen on the shows this season so maybe those of us having fun just found a bunch of shows to our tastes.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the season.

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