UQ Holder: First Impressions

Who here remembers Mahou Sensei Negima? It was one of my favorite shows, back in the day; a great somewhat ecchi harem show that evolved into an amazing Shonen-type battle Anime. UQ Holder is a sequel to Negima, set in the same world, just many years in the future. I’ve been following the UQ Holder Manga for several years, myself, so i’m super excited to see it getting an Anime adaptation. My hopes are pretty high, from the first episode, and I hope the adaptation goes well; if it does, we will have another great show on our Fall 2017 watchlist.


Let’s talk visuals. While the show is nice to look at, in general, it doesn’t quite stand up to the prettier shows this season. Still, it’s a nice looking show in it’s own right, with some great action sequences in Episode 1 alone. The OP is the same OP from the old Negima, which is AWESOME! The soundtrack is pretty nice, too, though nothing terribly special. The characters are nice, and knowing both UQ Holder and Negima, they will get a lot of development before this series is through.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

All-in-all, i’m pretty excited for UQ Holder. The Manga is great, and if the Anime follows suit, we’ll have a good show on our hands… certainly better than a certain other shounen show this season… I’d say prepare yourselves, though, guys, because the ecchi will come, and there will be no stopping it when it does! What do you guys think about UQ Holder? Let me know down in the comments below, and enjoy your Fall season!

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