Girls’ Last Tour: First Impression


Wow, Made in Abyss season 2 came out REALLY quickly! I’m impressed! Ok, no, it’s not Made in Abyss, but Girls’ Last Tour is giving me pretty similar vibes. We’ve got chibi explorers, a beautifully, wonderfully detailed world, a fantastic first episode that avoids and info dump and leaves us wondering, wanting to know more about the world, what happened, and who these two girls are. Not only that, but we get some great social commentary and exploration into human nature along the way.


As I mentioned before, the show is absolutely visually stunning. The backgrounds are incredibly detailed, the animation is crisp, and the characters are adorable. The background music does an amazing job of setting the atmosphere, and the sound effects are spot-on for what the show is trying to do. The characters are interesting and fun, and the story, though yet hardly revealed, seems immensely promising in what it might do, where it may go.


I will reserve making any final judgements until I see more of the show, but this might end up being one of, if not the best show this season. I’m very, very excited to know where it is going, and how it will progress into the future. What are all you guys thinking about Girls’ Last Tour? I’d like to know how the general reception is for this one. Let me know down in the comments, please! Also, have a dab.


2 thoughts on “Girls’ Last Tour: First Impression

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed this show so far. Apparently slice of life can be interesting when you throw in post apocalyptic setting – though it is more likely that the two main characters are just completely charming. Interested to see how I feel about this one at the end of the season.

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