Land of the Lustrous: First Impressions

Let me preface this by saying that i’ve never seen an Anime rendered in 3DCG come out of Japan that i’ve actually truly enjoyed. They’ve all felt clunky, or out-of-place, or ugly, or just plain bad. Land of the Lustrous might change that. I was somewhat skeptical going in, but I quickly found myself looking past the 3D visuals and genuinely enjoying the show. I’m super glad I decided to pick this one up, because it looks very promising.


Land of the Lustrous might just be the prettiest show this season, and that’s saying something. The landscapes are unbelievably beautiful, the action sequences are smooth and fluid, and the characters are extremely expressive – something we don’t see often in the 3DCG works. The characters, especially Phos, are enjoyable to watch, the acting is great, and the story seems interesting, if maybe a bit cliche.


This show makes me very excited for several reasons. Firstly, it just seems like a good show that I want to watch more of. Secondly, it’s nice to see where 3DCG Anime is heading, and seeing that it may have a future somewhere. And… it just makes me happy for this season in general, it’s such a great follow-up to a crappy Summer season. What are you guys all thinking about Land of the Lustrous?

2 thoughts on “Land of the Lustrous: First Impressions

  1. I’ve kind of been blown away by Land of the Lustrous. It isn’t my favourite of the season, but it is the prettiest and that’s even over Ancient Magus’ Bride which is gorgeous to look at and other fairly well done shows this season. I’m also finding the story pretty interesting so far. It was definitely a surprise for me how much I enjoyed the first episodes so I’m looking forward to where it goes.

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    1. AstralGemini

      I’m still trying to catch up to the show, but so far the story seems like one of the better ones this season, too. Really a surprise pick, very glad it’s a thing.

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