Evil or Live: First Impressions

This might surprise a lot of people, but… I actually didn’t enjoy the first episode of this show very much. I thought it was trying far too hard to be dark and edgy, the dialogue was imbecilic, the character designs bother me, and the whole basis of the episode felt like some wet blanket trying to look like a sophisticated work of art. I’m not sure if I could really pinpoint one thing that really made the thing bad, just everything in general made me dislike the show.


Visually, the show has this stupid grainy filter over the whole thing which is annoying, the character designs are hideous, the animation is sub-par, and the background art is washed-out in dark, bland tones. The soundtrack was hardly noticeable at all, it didn’t really add anything to any of the scenes. I hate LITERALLY all the characters, just after 20 minutes, and the plot concept is overused and boring.


Honestly, this might actually be the strongest negative feelings i’ve felt for a show so far this season. I’ll probably end up dropping it, and I may even write up a longer post detailing everything about the show that bothers me. I will be giving it 3 episodes on the off chance it improves, but i’m not terribly hopeful. I am curious; what do you guys think of this show? I’m very interested to know how this is being received in the general community.

2 thoughts on “Evil or Live: First Impressions

  1. To be honest, I agree with you about the first episode but I was kind of curious to see what they would do with the premise. After three episodes I’m just going to say it got worse. Unforutnately for me, this one’s only success was in making me curious enough that no matter how bad it is I’m going to watch it through (or at least until we get to a truly deal breaking moment) but there is absolutely zero reason to recommend this to anyone else at this point.

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    1. AstralGemini

      One of my big issues is that, with so many fantastic shows to watch this season, my already stuffed schedule is painfully full. As such, I really can’t afford to watch something so mediocre this season 😦

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