Delays, Thoughts, and Moving Forward


I’d like to start this post with some apologies for everyone who takes the time out of their day to read my blog. I am super behind on pretty much every show this Fall season, though i’m working hard to catch up to them. I’m currently working 2 jobs, on top of some other stuff in my life, including being in a play, so it’s been pretty hard to find the time to sit down, watch Anime, and write out the detailed analyses i’d like to be writing. Unfortunately, most of my recent content has been limited to first impressions of the shows this season.

Quality vs Quantity

Get dat low-qual content outta here!

Recently, though I haven’t had a lot of time to actually work on my blog, i’ve had a fair amount of time to think about stuff. I’ve thought about a lot of things, and I have realized, i’m not entirely satisfied with the content i’ve been putting out recently. I feel like the quality of my content has been dropping as i’ve scrambled to put out a large quantity of content, keep up with the latest shows, etc. all on a very sparse schedule.

So… here’s my determination. The amount of content coming out on my channel will probably see a drop-off after I finish the rest of my first impressions, as well as the 100 Day Anime Challenge. In return for that, I am going to be trying to release more actual reviews, long analyses, and other thoughts and ideas that i’ve had swirling around in my head for a while. I really want to make content that you guys will enjoy, but also that I can be proud of myself for writing.

Moving Forward

Onwards, to the future!

Now, as far as moving forward is concerned… I have some very exciting news! I’ve been working with some awesome people at, some fantastic writers and generally cool people. It’s a great honor to be able to write with them, and I hope what I learn there will also reflect in my content here. I’ll make sure to link everything I write there to here, so you guys can find those posts as well!

I’m also working on getting a Patreon set up, that will include some awesome rewards, including access to an exclusive Discord server, where you can openly discuss Anime with me and some other awesome people! It will also help support me and what I do, and in return, i’ll be giving special bonuses to higher donors, including the opportunity to talk to me in voice chat once a month, and the ability to unconditionally recommend me a show to watch and review, once or twice a year!


I love you all!!!


This post doubles as a 50 Follower special; thank you everyone for supporting me, reading my content, discussing things with me, and making me feel good about what I do. I hope to be able to keep growing, keep improving, and keep making the best content I possibly can for everyone reading. So, thank you everyone for reading, please feel free to let me know what kind of content you’d like to see on my blog, or just comment in general. I love being able to talk to everyone, have conversations about shows, and more. Thanks!

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