Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~: First Impressions

Here’s another show this season that i’m not entirely sure how to categorize. The first episode was a bit of a mix of good things and bad things; almost enough to cancel each other out, in my reckoning. I do like the steampunk setting of the show (as I usually do), the art is very pretty, and the characters seem decently interesting… Yet something about the show also turns me off, a bit.


It may be the logical flaws in the first episode, the minorly confusing plot and weird pacing, or maybe just how the art is super pretty in the backgrounds and up-close on the characters, yet the characters seem to melt or blur out at a medium distance. Or maybe it just feels like another one of those “pretty boy” shows that i’m really not a fan of. I’m not really sure; like I said, after just one episode, i’m on the fence about this one.


The soundtrack is pretty good, the OP isn’t bad, and the plot premise seems interesting enough. I guess we’ll see if I keep it or not after a few more episodes. With so many great shows airing this season, though, it may be a bit difficult to justify keeping an average show like this on my roster, especially as my schedule fills up more and more.

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