Recovery of an MMO Junkie: First Impressions

What a goofy, funny, and all-around pleasant show to watch. Recovery of an MMO Junkie follows Moriko Morioka, a retired 30-year-old woman, who starts playing a new MMO, and the friends and experiences she makes through the game. As an avid gamer myself, I understand the value of friends made online, and i’m super happy to see a show that is able to accurately replicate that feeling for me.


The show is pretty average, visually, and the soundtrack isn’t anything special, either. We only really get to see two characters in the first episode, but they both seem interesting and colorful in their own ways, and i’m excited to see how they grow both together and individually. While the plot so far seems relatively simple, there’s also nothing about it that is outstandingly bad, either.


Similar to Anime-Gataris, Recovery of an MMO Junkie seems like it will be a great show for those who do a lot of online gaming. It does a great job of capturing the allure and magic of an MMO, as well as the benefits and hardships of having online friends. As of yet, we don’t really know how deep or complex the plot might get, but it seems good enough to hold interest for as long as it may need to.


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