Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World -: First Impressions

Man, this season just keeps getting better and better. I saw the previews for this show during the summer season, and it looked interesting, but I never expected it to be anywhere close to as good as it is. Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World – is a sequel to the original Kino’s Journey from 2003, which I haven’t seen, so everything is a bit confusing. Why does the motorcycle talk? What is Kino’s story? What is this world that they live in? Wanting to know these answers makes me want to watch the show more, for sure.


Visually, Kino’s Journey is another stunning show, perhaps even on the same level as The Ancient Magus’ Bride. With plenty of tasteful usage of CG, a great soundtrack, and gorgeous landscape art, this show has the makings of a masterpiece. By keeping the main cast isolated to just Kino and Hermes, the talking motorcycle, I think the show can really explore their characters in-depth, and that’s a good thing.


One thing I noticed about this show is that it’s a pretty heavy commentary on Humanity itself. Each country that they visit gives an exploration of an element of the human psyche, or a situation that creates a conflict within said psyche. The first episode was extremely well-written, rounding out the story with a direct parallel to the beginning. all-in-all, i’m super excited to see what kind of journey this show will take us on this season.

One thought on “Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World -: First Impressions

  1. This is definitely a heavily philosophical show, content with presenting more questions than answers. You don’t need to have watched the original to understand this one – the mystery is meant to be present, and this season is actually a reboot of the series (the original one is worth watching, too – it’s excellent and even visits some of the same countries but with different content).

    And yes, this season is terrific!

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