Dies Irae: First Impressions

Here’s another interesting pick from the Fall lineup. Dies Irae (I have no clue how to actually pronounce that) had a pretty interesting first episode, one that gave us plot hooks without an infodump, making us want to learn more about this world, the characters, and whatever is going on around them. If the first episode is anything to go off of, the show looks promising, and i’m hopeful it’ll turn out to be a great show.


Dies Irae is yet another visually stunning show this season. While I’m not sure if I like the character designs, the backgrounds and use of color are all superb, and what we’ve see of some of the action looks really interesting. The characters themselves are intriguing, I really like the dynamic between Kasumi and the MC, though the main character himself is nothing special so far.


All-in-all, this looks like an interesting show to keep on my roster this season. I have high hopes for it, as the story could go to some interesting places, and the art is very easy on the eyes. The story could go any number of directions from this point, I think, but I really hope they stick to the dark vibe they showed off in episode 1.

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