Konohana Kitan: First Impressions

Bless my soul, i’ve found a new moe show to keep my heart running. Konohana Kitan is a show about a little fox girl named Yuzu who begins her work at an inn called Konohanatei. That’s… pretty much all you need to know about the show, other than it’s full of cute girls doing cute things.


Yuzu… has got to be the cutest character i’ve seen in years. Her adorable emoji-face expressions are just irresistibly cute, and whoever did her voice acting did a fantastic job. The moe power of this show is not to be reckoned with! To be fair, though, it seems like the plot of the show will be pretty full of fluff, if at all existent, so if you’re looking for something plot-heavy, maybe turn somewhere else.

kitan 1.PNG

Visually, the show is pretty standard fare for a moe show; i.e. a wide variety of utterly adorable character designs. The soundtrack is wonderful, however, very calming, and the OP is one of my favorites i’ve heard all year. The ED is pretty good, too. I always need a good Moe show in my life, and if nothing else, Konohana Kitan will most likely stay on my Fall roster just for that.

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