100 Days of Anime: Day 75


Wow, we’re three-quarters through this challenge already! It’s Day 75 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge, and our question is: What is your favorite group of Anime friends? Friendship is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? We, as humans, couldn’t survive without friends to help us through hard times. And in Anime, I don’t know if i’ve ever seen a better example of a close group of friends than in Little Busters!


Little Busters! Is a great show about friendship and perseverance, and is heavily focused on the characters of Riki and Rin, and their character growth. As the series progresses, we learn that maybe not is all as it seems, as the rest of the friends in the group sacrifice everything they have in order to make sure Rin and Riki are strong enough to overcome any adversity that they face. It’s so nice to see a show about friends being friends, no matter what, through everything.

Little Busters - 19 - Large 03.jpg

If you haven’t seen Little Busters, you’re absolutely missing out. I highly recommend the show. There were a lot of shows I could have chosen for this, honestly, but I felt Little Busters! best fit the bill. What are some of you guys’ favorite groups of friends in Anime? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!

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