Black Clover: First Impressions

While I had previously heard of Black Clover, i’d never read the Manga or anything, so this is really my first look at the franchise. From the first episode, we’re looking at the classic underdog story of a boy born without any talent, and his “rival”, someone with nothing but talent. The classic Shonen series go-to, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


As soon as the first episode starts, we’re greeted with some absolutely phenomenal visuals, and that quality doesn’t really go away throughout the rest of the episode. I really want to learn more about this world, the magic, the grimoires, and everything else, and i’m super excited to see what’s in store. The soundtrack seems like pretty standard fare for a Shonen show, good but maybe not great; we’ll have to wait and see.


My one complaint is that the main character is appallingly obnoxious. I seriously don’t like him. Hopefully Asta will get some character development throughout the series; if he doesn’t we’ll have a problem on our hands. It’s maybe too early to tell at this point, but i’m hopeful for this show, I think it has potential to be pretty good. I guess we’ll see.

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