In Another World With My Smartphone: Final Thoughts

Honestly, because of how much material there was in the Light Novels, I was expecting this series to go on for at least a 24-episode run, so I was quite surprised when it ended with only 12. And those 12 episodes definitely managed to get through a lot more of the story than I was expecting. The show was relatively enjoyable, though nothing terribly special, all-told.

isekai smartphone 2

In Another World With My Smartphone gave us a silly little Isekai story with a god-mode protagonist and a harem of adorable girls. Pretty standard stuff. However, the delivery of a good portion of the show, especially the fanservicey bits, strayed from comventions somewhat, giving them to us straight, not lingering on them for too long, and totally avoiding any moments of true pandering. For that, I found at least some enjoyment in the show.

smartphone 3

Visually, the show was pretty standard. It looked nice, but didn’t have anything terribly special going for it, unfortunately. The soundtrack was below average, on my rating, with a bunch of short sound clips seemingly tossed in for no real reason, that disrupted the flow of the underlying soundtrack. The characters as well were pretty standard fare, nothing too special about any of them, but nothing horribly cringeworthy either.

maxresdefault (3)

All-in-all, the show ended about like it started, quietly and calmly, with no real climax or initiator. In a season full of, frankly, a lot of terrible shows, it managed to stay afloat, but in a better season, it probably would have sunk to the bottom rankings straight away. If you’re looking for a decent isekai show to while away some time with, give it a shot, but if you’re looking for a masterpiece, look elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone: Final Thoughts

  1. In a better season, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this one so much, but I actually really looked forward to this show each week. It is silly and doesn’t do much, but it usually left me smiling and was kind of fun. All and all, I didn’t mind spending time with this.

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