Final Thoughts on New Game!!

I have long adored the Slice-of-Life genre for its ability to warm the heart, calm the mind, and provide a lovely, evenly-paced story that keeps you engaged from start to finish, without creating any real unnecessary emotion. Many people find the genre to be boring, which I can understand, but for me, Slice-of-Life is a genre that allows me to relax and take a break from reality. New Game!!, a show now in its second season, is a great example of that.


What I like about New Game!! is that it doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. It doesn’t pretend to be an informative show teaching you about the medium of game-making, nor does it aspire for romance, drama, or anything else that would add complications to the plot. It’s simply a story about cute girls doing cute things, occasionally working on a video game, and learning some life lessons along the way.


The show does such a great job handling the cast, as well. Each character is unique and distinct, but they’re all likable in one way or another. The way the story can seamlessly shift from adorable to funny to heartwarming to downright touching is something that I love from this show, and it’s what makes it a prime example of the Slice-of-Life genre.


To conclude, I think that if you’re looking for a show that’s easy to watch, pretty, entertaining, and has quite a bit of heart, then New Game!! is definitely the show for you. While it’s not the greatest Slice-of-Life out there, I would have no shame in recommending it to anyone looking for a good one, and I truly hope that the show gets a season 3.

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