100 Days of Anime: Day 66


Day 66 of the 100 day anime challenge is here, guys, and our question today is: What is your favorite Slice-of-Life Anime? I adore the Slice-of-Life genre, those of you who read my blog consistently probably know. It’s such a great way to express a laid-back, entertaining and sometimes very touching series of events in the lives of our characters. And I don’t think any that i’ve seen does that quite as well as K-On.


K-On follows a group of girls who follow their dreams in creating a light music club, so that they can do pretty much anything that’s not playing Light Music. Ok, that’s a bit of exaggeration, but it’s truly a show about a group of cute girls being cute, and also showing us what friendship means. The undertones of determination and teamwork beneath the flowery surface is something that makes K-On such a brilliant watch, not to mention the visuals and music are totally swell.


If you like K-On, give a shout! It’s a great show, and one that i’ll revisit every few years or so just because of how relaxing it is. It’s a truly great pick-me-up when you need a smile. Honorable mentions go to Shirobako, Chuunibyou, and The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Anyone else got a great Slice-of-Life? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!

One thought on “100 Days of Anime: Day 66

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