Tsurezure Children Episode 12 Review

It’s come to that bittersweet time once again when the Summer is ending and fall is on the way. And so draws one of my favorite shows of the season to a close. Tsurezure children did a great job of presenting a short and concise romantic comedy that hit all the necessary points and left out unnecessary bits, for the most part. And for that, it was wonderful.


I’m really not a fan of shorter-episoded shows, they always seem out-of-place and chaotic to me, but this one was delivered in a very nice package. The show manages to wrap things up nicely, with the majority of the cast getting a showing in a big intra-class soccer tournament, the guys having the chance to strut their stuff (or lack thereof) while the girls cheered them on. Seeing all the characters interacting with each other like that was a great plus for the show.


Afterwards, we get a few relationship resolutions, with Chiaki and Kanna finally managing to sort out their feelings and talk to each other again, and Chii and Sugawara slowly but surely growing closer to one another. While i’m sad that the show is over, it’s one that I will remember for a long time, I think, and I recommend everyone give this one a shot.

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