Made in Abyss: Episodes 11 and 12 Review

Yes, I know i’m a bit behind on the show. Life’s been crazy recently and I haven’t had a chance to watch as consistently as I mean to. But enough with that, let’s get down to business. The meat of these two episodes consists of Reg getting to know Nanachi, as they work to save Riko’s life. Once again, we get to see how immature Reg really is, especially compared to the super-composed Nanachi, or the determined and tough Riko.


Reg has a tendency to break down emotionally when things get tough, showing a surprising amount of emotional fragility; although he is technically a child. Probably. He’s really a robot, let’s be honest, yet his responses to various stimuli are, maybe, more “human” than those around him? Other cave raiders, especially the White Whistles, seem to be the true monsters when compared to Reg.


Nanachi uses a special medicine, along with a wealth of medical knowledge and various things she has Reg collect to treat Riko’s wounds, neutralizing the poison, sewing up her arm, and splinting the broken bone. The poison needs to run its course through Riko’s body for the medicine to be effective, so all they can really do is wait as that happens.


While Riko heals, Nanachi reveals the true nature of both herself, a so-called “Hollow”, and the Curse of the Abyss. Hollows are people who have been struck by the curse of ascending in the 6th layer of the Abyss, namely, either death, or loss of humanity. Nanachi lost her human form, turning into some kind of rabbit thing, while her friend, Mitty, was transformed completely, turning into a monstrous blob of flesh.


The Curse of the Abyss seems to affect not just the people in it, but those outside of it as well. Kiyui gets very sick, and seems to be near death door, contracting an illness that has claimed the lives of many children. However, almost immediately after being taken outside Orth for treatment, he makes a full, almost miraculous, recovery. The curse seems to be a sort of membrane, letting things pass through one way, but not the other. By forcing one’s way through the membrane, the rebound harms the body, producing a multitude of ill effects.


Nanachi is a very interesting character, and i’m excited to learn more about her and her past. She has extensive knowledge of the Abyss and how it functions, and has been down to the bottom herself. Medical knowledge, survival skills, and maybe even the ability to tap into the flows of power created by the Curse itself? I’m very excited to get to know her better. I’m not sure how many episodes are scheduled for this show, but I hope it gets more than 13. Because I don’t want it to end.

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