Love and Lies Episodes 11 and 12 Review

Have you ever been so angry that you want to punch something, but there’s nothing nearby that is nice and punchable, so you just wander around the house being furious at everything? Because that’s what I feel like right now. I hate this show, I hate Yukari, I hate Misaki and Ririna. I literally cannot describe how angry I am right now, it’s unbelievable. How can these characters be this DUMB? Gosh, the only one with a lick of common sense is freaking Nisaka, I swear.


Well, Yukari is still being an idiot about his feeling towards the girls, as they attend the wedding of Nisaka’s brother. After the wedding is over, however, Misaki guilts Yukari into kissing her again, which Ririna witnesses. The next day, Ririna and Yukari’s family go to a hot spring together, putting Yukari and Ririna into the same room (sneaky sneaky). Well, anyways, they end up having a long talk about a variety of things, both throughout the day, and after they head back to their room.


Ririna proposes a plan to peacefully separate herself from Yukari, so that he can be with Misaki. And here’s where things get stupid because WHY CAN’T THESE CHILDREN JUST BE HONEST WITH THEIR FEELINGS??? Yukari and Ririna end up FINALLY having the kiss that they have both deserved for the whole series, and they both admit (in their minds) that they love each other. I’ve been waiting for this for the whole series, for that moment when Yukari finally admits that Ririna is the one who really understands him, who he really deserves.


But, of course, they can’t let me have that satisfaction. In the name of “protecting Misaki”, they decide to separate anyways. Like, what good does that do anyone? If they separate, Misaki will feel guilty towards Ririna and Yukari both forever, Ririna will be heartbroken, Yukari will be heartbroken, and everyone is miserable. What I don’t like is that, in order for them to “protect” Misaki, they need to hide the fact that they care for one another from each other, actively making LITERALLY EVERYTHING WORSE.


Misaki and Ririna have a photo shoot at the church where Nisaka’s brother got married, and Yukari, feeling i don’t even know what, decides he doesn’t want to see either of them. Nisaka shows up at his house, and tells Yukari that he can’t just let things lie, he needs to make his choice, figure out what he really feels and act on that, otherwise nobody wins and everyone suffers.


And then… we get to the ending. Sorry for spoilers, but… THIS FREAKING YUKARI. Oh. My. Word. I hate him so much. He’s such a pussy that down to the very end of the show, he can’t make up his stupid mind. Apparently he thinks he can reasonably just have BOTH OF THEM? What in the world? I mean, sure, arranged marriages are one thing but I seriously doubt that society is chill with polygamy, ok?


So yeah, the show just dumps us here, with absolutely no resolution to the actual conflict, hating the characters, hating the show, and hating ourselves for ever watching this stupid, stupid, stupid show. I will admit, the rest of the show was really great, for me, but those last like 15 minutes or so just ruined the whole thing.

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