100 Days of Anime: Day 60


Another 10 days are down, and we’re here on Day 60 out of 100. Today’s question asks: What is a manga series that you would love to see turned into an Anime? This question is super easy for me, actually. For several years, i’ve been dreaming of the day that Psyren, by Toshiaki Iwashiro, would get an Anime adaptation.


Psyren has been one of my favorite manga since I first read it many years ago. It’s an intense Shonen action series with some serious psychological/supernatural elements, throwing a variety of people into a type of death game, but not against each other, against giant monsters called the Taboo. With the main characters struggling to survive, and unravel the mysteries of the strange world of Psyren while bouncing back and forth between their own world and the dangerous alternate reality, it does a fantastic job of creating tension that lasts until the very end.


With strong threads of well-written romance, as well as some of the most beautifully drawn action sequences i’ve ever seen in Manga,  Psyren has a great story and a bright cast of characters. Each character is set apart by their own unique and powerful abilities, and the freedom with which they can manipulate their abilities makes it all the more interesting. I would love to see a Psyren adaptation happen, but only if they made it right.


Can we get Ufotable to put their cards on the table and pick up Psyren? Their gorgeous animation and wealth of experience with Shonen shows make them a great candidate to produce a good rendition. Anyone else out there a Psyren fan like me? What are some Manga that you guys would like to see get Anime adaptations? Let me know down in the comments, and I hope to see everyone again tomorrow!


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