Tsurezure Children Episodes 10 and 11 Review

More Grade-A romantic comedy out of Tsurezure children this week, as always, with a few scenes that were actually kind of touching. Our percentage of Chiaki and Kana is super high here, too, which is always a plus. Episode 10 begins with the alien kid and his girl meeting with Motoyama-kun, the glasses-wearing #1 wingman of the universe. Seriously, someone buy this kid a whole plate of brownies, because dang, his wingman skills are off the charts.


Next up, Goda and Kamine are increasing their relationship’s power level, with Kamine gradually becoming more and more possessive, and Goda realizing that he’s totally ok with that. Chiaki and Kana stumble across the two, however, and are shocked by the way they act totally out-of-character when alone. Later, Chiaki finally drums up the nerves to kiss Kana, but he does it in such a wacky way that she punches him and runs away!


Leading into Episode 9, Chiaki is distraught that Kana isn’t talking to him anymore. He really loves her, and tries his best to get her to forgive him but… she’s a bit stubborn. Finally, though, Kana decides to forgive and forget, but drops her phone into the bathtub, killing it. The texting couple are still awkward as ever, but Chi, with some nudging from friends, is actually starting to sort out her feelings towards Sugawara.


Kaji is struggling silently, trying her best to get into a good school so that she can proudly stand at Akagi’s side as an equal. Her past of being a delinquent and never studying isn’t helping, nor is her mom’s lack of faith, and even discouragement. Still, she has made up her mind, and Akagi, though he wants badly to help, knows that he can’t; this is something she needs to overcome on her own.


A bunch of great scenes here in both episodes, combining funnies with warm fuzzies to feelies, then right back to funnies again. Will the fun never stop with this show? Please make it never end, I luvs it to bits. I would still like to have more complete stories and longer episodes, but i’ll take what I can get, I guess.

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